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Rates, Hours & Health

At Janarlee Lodge, we’re dedicated to providing clear information about our rates, operating hours, and the health of your beloved pets. Here’s what you need to know:

About Janarlee Lodge Rates, Hours  & Health

Janarlee Lodge Office Hours

Opening Hours:

8am – 11am OR 2pm to 4pm every day for boarding

7am – 7pm Monday to Friday 

8am – 5pm weekends and public holidays for daycare

CLOSED 11am to 2pm DAILY

Check in: 8am to 11pm OR 2pm to 4pm

Check out: 8am to 11pm OR 2pm to 4pm

Please note, our gates are closed and locked between 11pm and 2pm

About Boarding Rates

Boarding Rates

At Janarlee Lodge, we understand that your dog deserves a warm and comfortable place to stay when you’re away. Our boarding rates are designed to provide the perfect blend of coziness and care for your beloved pet. Here’s what you need to know:

Puppy/ Calendar Day

Small Dogs/ Calendar Day

Medium Dog/ Calendar Day

Large Dog / Staffy / Calendar Day

  • Note: Public holidays attract a surcharge of $20

            with TRAINING add $30 per day.

Daycare Rates

Daycare Rates

At Janarlee Lodge, we believe every dog should have the chance to enjoy a day filled with fun, play, and socialisation. Our daycare rates are designed to make this experience accessible and affordable for all. Here’s what you need to know:

Puppy/ Calendar Day

(Under 12 months of Age)

Small Dogs/ Calendar Day

Medium Dog/ Calendar Day

Boarding hours: 8am – 11am or 2pm – 4pm Daily
Daycare Hours: 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday
8am – 5pm Weekends & Public Holidays
We are closed from 11am – 2pm Daily

Large Dog/ Calendar Day

  • Note: Public holidays  attract a surcharge of $20 per dog.

            With TRAINING add $20 per dog per day.

Additional Dogs

Day Discount Package

Service Rates

Private Lesson

Private Training


About Grooming



Dog Health

Vaccination & Health

All dogs are to be fully immunised including C3 (Parvo virus, Distemper and Hepatitis) and Canine Cough (Bronchiseptia and Parainfluenza). The current vaccination certificates must be sighted by a member of our team either prior to or at drop off.

In Addition all dogs must be treated for fleas and ticks prior to drop off and must also be wormed on a regular basis.

Please notify us of any health or dietary needs at time of booking.

If your dog likes to swim or just get wet please apply a waterproof tick and flea treatment at least 24 hours ( or follow directions on packet re water) prior to drop off. Alternatively a waterproof collar can be worn

We do not accept unsocial dogs or undesexed dogs over 12 months


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At Janarlee Lodge, we’re not just about making dogs happy; we’re dedicated to making our planet happy too. We harness the power of the sun with our solar energy systems to reduce our carbon pawprint. It’s our way of ensuring that every tail-wagging day is a green and sustainable one.

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